O.N. Stefan

The Deadly Caress - O. N. Stefan

Someone asked me why I wrote The Deadly Caress. A newspaper article about a daughter connecting with her mother after many years captured my attention  and I started wondering if I could put a twist on that. What if a person was to discover that the woman she thought was her mother wasn't. How would she feel? What if this newly discovered mother was murdered? What would this person do?

Then there's a scary scene with Amanda driving down a mountainside and that comes from my memory banks. I grew up across the road from a very bad intersection and every weekend there would be at least one horrific accident. Some of these were youths speeding or chasing each other. Others were drunks or drivers who had miscalculated the sharp turn and careered into an oncoming car or the nearby light post. My dad would run over to see if an ambulance needed to be called as we were the only family in the street to have a phone. He'd take blankets over if the person/people was badly injured and I would help him. My sister and my mother would be too upset to be of help and didn't go.

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